Change Starts Here

University of Greenwich

Change Starts Here

Going beyond the primary goal of driving student applications, our ‘Change Starts Here’ campaign for UoG provided the university with a gritty and emotive new visual direction, enabling them to stand out in a crowded sector.

Rather than painting university life in a typically glossy light, we presented it as challenge; an opportunity that requires effort, commitment, and dedication, but can lead to great rewards.

In addition to a strong visual direction, the soundtrack was a huge factor for this project; in stark contrast to the typical ‘inspiring’ stock music, the brooding and powerful ‘Demons’ by Laust serves as the perfect accompaniment, throwing down the gauntlet with passion and angst.

Developing a strong sense of identity for UoG enabled them to release content with a sense of pride and ownership, which they fully embraced beyond the scope of the initial campaign.

Our ongoing collaboration has seen us develop a series of subject specific videos that demonstrate the real life impact UoG students are having on the world.

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