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If everyone’s doing it now, Ceremony did it first.

In the current climate, finding innovative, exciting, and engaging ways for musicians to perform is more valuable than ever. Behind every viral concept or performance, there is a whole world of meticulous planning and orchestrating that the audience doesn’t get to see.

Ceremony London work with the biggest artists on the planet, helping them to devise and deliver standout performances that are unique, on-brand, and truly memorable for fans.

Detail pays attention to us

Through a series of discovery sessions, we gained an understanding of the level of craft, planning, and passion that Ceremony bring to each and every project they work on. 

The team are individually established and respected in the industry, but it was important to them that the Ceremony brand emphasised the strength of the collective, delivering an alluring and mysterious presence that would intrigue and excite artists, management, and fans alike.

We developed a brand identity, tone of voice, and social strategy that allow Ceremony to intrigue, engage, and showcase their craft without giving away their secrets. A predominantly muted colour palette affords a timeless, professional quality, letting artists and their performances take centre stage.

With such an enviable track records of delivering standout performances for the biggest artists on the planet, our branding and content creation strategy allows Ceremony’s stats and viewing figures speak for themselves, reinforcing the idea that even if you don’t know the name, you’ve no doubt seen their work: from live Zoom performances, to streamed concerts in iconic locations, if everyone’s doing it now, it’s probably because Ceremony London did it first.

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