First and foremost, business cards need to deliver contact details to potential clients and partners. But the possibilities go so much further than that…

Business cards give you the chance to make an exciting first impression; you can get your brand across quickly and effectively, ensuring that you stick in the recipient’s mind from that point on.

What you really want to do is create a business card that will surpass expectations, so go that little bit further and add something unexpected. Trust us, it will work wonders.


Approximately 10 billion business cards are being printed on an annual basis. However, almost 80% are being thrown away after less than a week.

Business cards can help you make that personal connection. Technology and phones, in particular, are incredible tools, but they come with their downsides; they’re a massive distraction.

Without a business card, you may opt to exchange contact info by inputting it directly into your phone, sounds great, right? Wrong. That great conversation you were just having where you both had each other’s full attention has now ended, by looking at your phone you may have also seen a whole variety of other things demanding attention; texts, emails, missed calls. Their mind is now elsewhere. A business card can provide everything the other person needs to know and can be exchanged without interrupting the flow of discussion.

What should you consider when creating a business card in 2019?

Make sure yours isn’t one of the many business cards that just gets thrown away. You need a unique, attractive design that’s memorable, whilst retaining your branding and professionalism.

Sounds like a big task, but we’re going to break it down for you. Here are the things you need to consider when creating a business card.


Simplicity of Design

The contact details need to be accessible at first glance. Keep the design simple, so the recipient’s eye can focus on the main details instantly.


Branding Elements

You need to include your branding; this is the prime opportunity to get your brand message across. This includes colour schemes, images, and symbols that you use across all of your marketing materials. A trend that we’re seeing this year is that designers are keeping these elements to the back of the card, leaving the main design clean and minimal.

Clever Puns, Witty Tag Lines and Symbols

Something that you may have noticed on our new business cards, a trend this year that we’re seeing is the use of a witty tag line (“Some brands are Born great”). The aim here is to energise or excite the recipient.

Words are powerful, and if you can use them to connect with someone on another level, then you should absolutely do so.


Don’t Forget The Back

The back is valuable space that you need to utilise! Here you could include more branding elements, colour, a logo, slogan or mark. Make a statement!


Paper Weight Is Key

Believe it or not, there is a direct correlation between paperweight and confidence. The thicker the paperweight, the higher the quality and confidence that your business cards exude. Thinner paperweight can appear inferior and leave an impression of low quality and even thoughtlessness. It’s a lot more likely that these will be forgotten.


Texture and Embellishment

Adding a bit of texture to your card is a great way to go the extra mile and add something interesting to the overall design and experience of the card.

Techniques such as a spot UV and embossing can add depth and interest, forcing people to take notice as they feel the texture of the card.


With all that in mind, it’s going to be one hell of a year! We’re excited and you should be excited too! But, if it all seems a little bit daunting, then why not get in touch? We’d be happy to work with you and make sure that you’re capitalising on an incredible connection with your fans in the digital world.