Your Quick Guide to Branding in 2019

2019 is welcoming in branding trends of two specific, contrasting styles; nostalgic and futuristic. Some really adventurous types are even combining the two in a bid to offer something completely unique.

We thought we’d predict what eight trends would be the most popular this year and how you can utilise them to get the absolute most out of them. So, without further ado, here is our best eight.

Shapeshifting Logos

The art of logo-making is definitely not an easy feat to master. But, shapeshifting logos seem to be making their mark and are here to stay. Having a few variations of your logo so you can place the optimum choice for each application just makes sense really, doesn’t it?

Mobile apps should have a small, simplified version, t-shirts and merchandise? Black and white is the cheapest and most effective. The list goes on…

There are a few key things to keep in mind when designing your shapeshifting logos; how responsive it is, the context surrounding it and the variable, IE changing certain parts of the logo to suit a specific marketing campaign.



Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic at the moment, the reasons as to why are a little bit mixed however, some are all for it, some are a bit scared of it and then there are those who simply don’t understand it.

Chatbots have been one of the main additions to come from the advancements of AI and there’s a countless amount of ways these bots can improve your brand. Customers can now interact with you 24/7, the bot always has your brands best interests at heart and it’s clever. For more information, read our thought leadership instalment on chat bots.



Up until recently, minimalism has been at the forefront of digital design for quite some time. Not just for the initial aesthetics but also the practical benefits, such as the loading speed. But, this may very well be coming to an end with the current rise in serifs.

This might be because of the ‘nostalgic’ aspect to some current trends that we previously mentioned, but a large part of it is the personality that they can evoke.

We’re seeing more and more strong, unique, custom serifs that are successfully combining modern styles with nostalgic themes.

That said, it is still best to use serifs sparingly, keep them locked in to titles, headings and logos, not large blocks of text. Serifs in these situations are incredibly distracting from the content you’re trying to deliver.

Organic Brand Influencers

2019 is set to see a bit of a shift in focus when it comes to influencers. No longer will brands be looking for a constant flow of influencer partnerships, but more about finding the best influencer that you can have a long-lasting relationship with, one in which that brand can enjoy organic mentions instead of just a one-off sponsored post, no longer will they just be an influencer to you, but they’ll make that move into a true brand ambassador.

Combining Sales and Marketing

Marketing technology is constantly evolving and has been for many years now. Back in 2012 there were only 350 marketing platforms, now there are nearly 7000.

2019 is set to see an increase in stronger collaborations between sales and marketing, this is in both a B2B and B2C sense.

Sales Enablement tools such as Highspot for example, will ensure that sales can highlight the overall strategic vision that your brand has, which will of course have a mighty impact on improving customer lifetime value.



Another prime example of combining that futuristic and classic feel to your branding. Pixel art, which is obviously primarily reminiscent of 80’s video games, but in every other sense it’s completely modern, digital art.


Voice Search

You must have noticed that smart speakers have rose exponentially in popularity over the past year along. In 2018 58% of consumers used voice search to find local business information.

If you take the time to consider how your consumers may be asking these devices certain questions, then you can really see how integrating voice search into your brand strategy can be incredibly lucrative.

It’s important to note however that voice searches are both more colloquial and personal, so be sure to take some time to ensure that you will be able to rank on each specific system.



Photorealistic 3D imagery is appearing more and more frequently now, stealing the show and blowing people away whilst it’s there too. Blurring the lines between reality and computer-generated visuals. The attention to detail is phenomenal here and although this trend has been most commonly used for artistic instances so far, it can equally work incredibly well for logos and backgrounds.

This is the prime way of showing just how cutting edge and ahead of the curve your brand is, without even having to say anything.


So, there we have it: eight methods you can utilise in your brand strategy this year. Plenty to be getting on with! Your brand strategy will be helping to showcase your product or brand in the correct way at the correct time, to the correct people.

Need some help or advise on how to up your branding game? We can help. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through all things branding.