In an industry that’s constantly faced with new updates, algorithms, platforms and super creative campaigns, staying in the loop can feel pretty overwhelming.

With that in mind, we’re making things a little easier by curating the most interesting, exciting, and important developments across the social media world from the past month, all in one, easily digestible update! Tasty.

Memes, Memes, Memes

Instagram’s relationship with memes and meme creators has been somewhat rocky to say the least. After purging itself of some of the largest meme accounts on the platform (nearly 150 of them!), to an understandably negative reaction, they’re now hiring a meme liaison!

Officially titled, ‘Strategic Partnerships Manager’, the lucky member of staff will be working directly with meme accounts. What a time to be alive!


The Rise of Pinterest

As per it’s Q2 2019 report, Pinterest has reached 300 million active users for the first time! This is massive news for the platform, which is typically seen as the underdog of the social media world.


Twitch Gets Tech-y

Twitch has given us ‘Twitch Studio’, its own broadcasting software. Aimed at making streaming more accessible for new users, the software has taken several months to develop.


Snapchat Specs

Snapchat has introduced ‘Spectacles 3’; their limited release smartglasses, complete with a brand-new design and two HD cameras for improved depth perception.


AR Filters

This was a big month for AR filters, as Instagram unveiled their AR effects library for Instagram Stories. Facebook is also allowing anyone to publish Spark AR effects directly to Instagram. This is pretty interesting considering the news of how much Snapchat creators can earn just from creating AR filters.

YouTube is also venturing into the world of AR, with select beauty videos allowing you to try on the make-up that you’re watching in a camera pop-up underneath the video.



The popularity of podcasts continues to rise, with more and more companies looking to cash in on the trend.

Spotify and Google got in on the action this month, with Spotify releasing an analytics dashboard in the hopes of bringing more podcast creators to the platform, while Google is said to be planning to put playable, individual podcast episodes in their search results.


Reddit Goes Live

Great news for all Reddit users! You can now live stream directly on to the platform. Pretty cool, huh?

Top Three Talking Points

In addition to all of this, there have been plenty of other developments in the wonderful world of social media! We’ll leave you with these three talking points:

Tik Tok has launched a challenge allowing people to purchase items directly in the app, which could be massive for influencers on their platform.

Facebook is said to be developing a new messaging app called ‘Threads’, in relation to Instagram.

Finally, Google is launching a new social network called ‘Shoelace’; it’s invite only at the moment and has the aim of connecting people in ‘real life’. Interesting stuff.


Until next month, we bid you adieu!