Joining the dots.

User Experience is the bridge between your brand and its audience. It has the potential to shape how people feel about the product or service that you provide, and a considered approach can mean the difference between frustration and something that inspires joy. Ultimately, this informs the most fundamental decision a user has to make: “Is this something that I will continue to use?”

It’s all about the journey.

UX is so vitally important because it allows people to interact with your brand in ways that make sense to them. Attention spans are short, and competition is fierce; rather than taking the time to figure out how to use a clunky product or service, users will jump to the next competitor instead.

You need to help your audience get what they want, with the minimum amount of time and effort possible.

Let’s get together.

At Born, we look for innovative ways to make people love your brand. Getting from A to B is always the priority, but that’s doesn’t have to mean cold and clinical. Smart decision making and clever implementation can make your product something that people want to return to, again and again.

Our work: TIC

When tasked with rebranding Telford International Centre, UX was at the heart of our approach. Pre-empting the question of ‘is this venue suitable for my event’, key information is immediately presented in a no-nonsense fashion, before an intuitive user journey guides potential clients towards booking a site tour and seeing the place for themselves.

Our work: P&Co

Our work for P&Co is a perfect example of how seemingly minor tweaks can make a huge improvement to UX. With a bit of a visual makeover, improved search functionality, and a streamlined navigation system, we made life significantly easier for P&Co’s customers. This immediately led to an increase in sales; people could find what they wanted with minimal fuss, resulting in more completed transactions.

Our work: SYNCR

Providing career-changing sync opportunities for artists at all levels, SYNCR needed to deliver an intuitive user experience that aligned with the energy and excitement of becoming the next big thing.

We developed a frustration-free user journey, covering profile management, track uploads, and brief applications, that looks and feels great to use.

Let’s work together.

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