Find your voice.

In today’s world of constant updates and diminishing attention spans, prospective students are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of content. To stand above the white noise, you need to do something fresh, and give viewers a reason to keep watching.

Every university is different. We work with our clients to deliver unique, engaging content with bags of personality, a voice that truly communicates who they are, and a value proposition that actually means something to students.

Change Starts Here.

The University of Greenwich were looking to promote specific courses, while also appealing to potential applicants across the board.

Rather than painting student life in the usual carefree fashion, we presented it as a challenge; getting the most out of your time at uni requires effort, commitment, and dedication, but the journey can define you.

With a rousing, modern soundtrack, high-end production values, and targeted ‘teaser’ cuts, the video generated a huge amount of engagement on social media.

Inspire and Be Inspired.

Our ongoing relationship with The University of Manchester has seen us create a wealth of content together, covering everything from student recruitment videos, to creative collaborations with Poet Laureate Lem Sissay.

Working together on numerous projects has allowed us to develop a consistent visual identity for UoM: one that speaks of heritage, community, and diversity.

International Arrivals.

Even when not directly used as a promotional tool, video can still express a sense of character and personality.

A perfect example of this comes from Aston University, who were looking for a way to make the initial journey to campus a little less daunting for international students. Our take was to apply a video game aesthetic, including on-screen prompts, fixed camera angles, and a contemporary soundtrack. The end product, which could have felt straight-laced and clinical, instead comes across as relatable, engaging, and playful.

Civil Engineering Viktor Rothi.

This inspiring series of films communicates the real life implications of studying specific subjects at UoG.

Existing students discuss what excites them about their area of specialism, providing an engaging look at the advancements these subjects make possible. Removing some of the mystery and making these industries relatable opens them up to an entirely new audience.

Let’s work together.

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