The brief.

The University of Greenwich promises its student more than just a degree, welcoming them into a friendly, open-minded community that nurtures the discovery of new talents, and enables them to achieve extraordinary things.

They approached us in need of video content for online and social platforms; the goal being to promote specific courses, while also appealing to potential applicants in a broader sense.

Our approach.

It’s always great to work with brave clients who are open to a fresh approach, and thankfully this was the case with UoG. Rather than producing a safe, run-of-the-mill promo video painting university life in a typically glossy fashion, we focused on the challenges; getting the most out of your time at uni requires effort, commitment, and dedication, but can lead to huge rewards.

The output.

Having meticulously planned and lit each shot, we produced a dark, gritty aesthetic, more akin to a high-end sports commercial than a typical university promo video.

The soundtrack was a huge factor for this project, and the brooding ‘Demons’ by Laust serves as the perfect accompaniment; a modern, empowering track that throws down the gauntlet for aspiring students.

We’ve since worked with UoG on a number of projects, delivering a consistent sense of style and identity for their digital output.

Work with us.

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