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With an ever-increasing demand for attention, having the best product or service is only half the battle: the most life-changing idea won’t sell itself if nobody knows it exists. Whether you want to inspire, engage, or entertain your audience, a well-implemented marketing strategy can be the difference between success and failure.

A helping hand.

There’s a huge amount riding on your ability to connect with your audience, and guesswork alone rarely leads to an effective strategy. At Born, we combine years of insight and experience with intensive market research to discover the most successful approach for you. From high-end promo videos, to targeted social campaigns, we’ll execute the perfect strategy with creativity, precision, and quality.

Above and beyond.

We approach every project we take on with a desire to push ourselves and our clients towards innovative and striking solutions. Middle-of-the-road campaigns never rise above the competition, so we don’t produce them. Instead, we’ll work with you to develop a deep understanding of your value proposition, and the best way to communicate it to your audience.

Our work: UoG

The University of Greenwich worked with Born to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Rather than painting student life in the usual carefree fashion, we presented it as a challenge; getting the most out of your time at uni requires effort, commitment, and dedication, but the journey can define you.

With a rousing, modern soundtrack, high-end production values, and targeted ‘teaser’ cuts, the video generated a huge amount of engagement on social media.

Our work: TIC

Through in-depth conversation with Telford International Centre staff and their clients, we gained valuable insight into their unique approach to live events. Instead of rolling out identikit solutions, TIC builds bespoke events around each specific client. This level of care and effort was citied as a key reason for working with TIC, and something clients didn’t get from other providers.

By developing a new identity and marketing materials, TIC were able to communicate their unique value proposition to a whole new audience.

Our work: SYNCR

Providing career-changing sync opportunities for artists at all levels, SYNCR needed a voice that was relatable, compassionate, but also experienced and knowledgeable; that of a seasoned pro who knows the struggles faced by aspiring musicians.

Born was the perfect fit for SYNCR; music is a huge part of our lives, so the opportunities associated with sync deals were entirely relatable and hugely exciting. SYNCR’s marketing content embodies this sense of energy and anticipation.

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