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It’s hard to think of an industry with a more passionate and vocal fanbase than football. A club’s creative output lives or dies by its fan response, so delivering quality content that resonates with them is absolutely vital. At Born, we’re excited by the challenge of channelling your team’s history and heritage into unique content that your fans will be proud to stand by and share.

Sheffield Wednesday.

Tying in the launch of their new away kit with a huge FA Cup fixture, our video content for Sheffield Wednesday was met with a hugely positive response. Fans were excited and engaged, forum threads were created, and within hours a new chant had been established around obsidian black – the colour of the new strip, and the focus of the video’s messaging.

Aston Villa.

Partnering with Aston University, we created this tongue-in-cheek panel show where Aston Villa players had the chance to demonstrate their knowledge (or lack thereof) about their city – Birmingham. Showing a more human, unscripted side to the players, the video proved to be hugely entertaining and relatable for fans.

Charlton Athletic.

Charlton Athletic work with the University of Greenwich to provide placement opportunities for students – a huge selling point for fans of the club. We created a behind the scenes look at how students are benefiting from this partnership.

Vincent Kompany.

In this case study interview for the University of Manchester, Vincent Kompany talks about his decision to further his education and business knowhow by studying as a mature student, providing an interesting and eye-opening perspective for fans.

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