Identify yourself.

Branding is more than a logo. It’s more than a colour palette, or a font choice. It’s how people feel about your company, what comes to mind when they hear your name. Regardless of what you’re offering, that can be the difference between success and failure. Whether you want to inspire, inform, or entertain, a strong brand communicates your message and connects you with your audience.

Our approach.

We create brands that are built to last. There’s too much riding on your sense of identity to base it on fads, guesswork, or the CEO’s favourite colour.

Before pen touches paper, we’ll develop a thorough understanding of the people, processes, and ideology behind your offering, and where it sits in the market. When it comes to the fun part of crafting your new brand, every decision is based on a thorough understanding of what makes you unique, and how you provide value to your audience.

No stone unturned.

You wouldn’t trust somebody who behaves differently from one moment to the next, and your brand works in exactly the same way. If you want people to care about your company, it’s vital that you behave consistently across all mediums.

We offer a multi-faceted approach to branding, providing a deep and genuine foundation that informs everything you do: from how you look, to how you sound, to the content you post on social media. The result? An authentic, long-lasting connection with your audience.

Our work: SYNCR

Music is a huge part of our lives at Born, so working with a startup the provides career changing sync opportunities was a natural fit. Presented with an entirely blank canvas, we created SYNCR; an identity that embodies the energy and excitement of discovering your golden ticket.

Bold colours and clean lines combine with a voice that is relatable, compassionate, and savy; that of a seasoned pro who knows how to succeed in a notoriously harsh industry.

Our work: TIC

Through in-depth conversations with Telford International Centre staff and their clients, we gained valuable insight into their unique approach to live events. Instead of rolling out identikit solutions, TIC builds bespoke experiences around each specific client. This level of care and effort was citied as a key reason for working with TIC, and something clients didn’t get from competitors.

Having established a genuinely valuable differentiator, we developed a new identity that allows TIC to communicate their unique proposition to a whole new audience.

Our work: Vaal & Vaal

Highly regarded as a premium salon, Vaal & Vaal were looking to shake things up with the addition of a bar and members’ club for young-professionals.

An aspirational tone was at the heart of Vaal & Vaal’s new identity, conveying a mutual respect for like-minded individuals who strive for greatness. With a premium aesthetic and a confidence in its execution, clients know they’ve found somewhere they belong.

Let’s work together.

Ready to let the world know what you have to offer? Current branding just not cutting it? Drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.