Made you look.

In an instant, video has the power to captivate us, drawing us into worlds we had no intention of visiting. It’s impossible to overstate the value in this ability to grab hold of an audience, lifting them out of the stream of content we surround ourselves with every day.

Whatever you need to communicate, quality video content can get your message across with bags of personality.

All bases covered.

From cinematic features, to engaging interviews, to charming animation, our in-house team of creatives have the knowledge and expertise to bring your vision to life.

We love what we do, and it shows in our work. We bring inspiration and energy to every project we take on, from pre-production, to the proud moment of releasing your creation into the wild.

Above & Beyond.

We challenge ourselves and our clients to deliver bold and striking solutions. Middle-of-the-road content doesn’t rise above the competition, so we don’t produce it. Instead, we’ll work with you to develop a deep understanding of your message, allowing us to communicate with your audience in the most engaging and effective way imaginable.

Our work: UoG

The University of Greenwich were looking to promote specific courses, while also appealing to potential applicants across the board.

Rather than painting student life in the usual carefree fashion, we presented it as a challenge; getting the most out of your time at uni requires effort, commitment, and dedication, but the journey can define you.

With a rousing, modern soundtrack, high-end production values, and targeted ‘teaser’ cuts, the video generated a huge amount of engagement on social media.

Our work: Entrust

Entrust believe that every young person should be encouraged to venture outside and explore the natural world around them.

With breathtaking cinematography and  a considered approach to sound design, we set out to communicate this message, providing a much needed reminder of the beauty and tranquility that can be found in nature.

Our work: UoM

Our ongoing relationship with The University of Manchester has seen us create a wealth of content together, covering everything from student recruitment videos, to creative collaborations with Poet Laureate Lem Sissay.

Working together on numerous projects has allowed us to develop a consistent visual identity for UoM: one that speaks of heritage, community, and diversity.

Our work: TIC

Through in-depth conversations with Telford International Centre staff and their clients, we gained valuable insight into their unique approach to live events. Instead of rolling out identikit solutions, TIC builds bespoke experiences around each specific client. This level of care and effort was citied as a key reason for working with TIC, and something clients didn’t get from competitors.

Having established a genuinely valuable differentiator, we used video to communicate TIC’s unique proposition to a whole new audience.

360 & VR.

From live events and performances, to unforgettable virtual environments, immersive video content gives you a way to engage with your audience like never before. Whether you want to stream your next product launch as it happens, or add a new level of engagement, Born can help you leave a lasting impression.


Whether used on its own or as a way to enhance video footage, animation can bring a whole new dimension to your content. From telling unique stories, to quickly explaining complex information, animation can make the impossible a reality.

Music Videos.

It goes without saying that competition for views is beyond fierce for bands and artists, so the importance of quality videos can’t be overstated. If you want to be taken seriously, cashing in favours from mates will only get you so far. We help our clients step things up with high-end production values, a considered treatment, and a level of polish that does their tracks justice.

Let’s work together.

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