An opening event can be pivotal in making that all important first impression, marking your arrival in your space and it can be really beneficial in terms of raising awareness of your new brand, product, club, etc.

There’s no better opportunity to introduce your business and what you have to offer, an opening event gives you the chance to literally show your audience what you’re going to be providing for them. Not to mention the fact that your opening event will require a whole campaign around it to maximise potential, this in itself is going to have an almighty impact.

You want anyone and everyone to be talking about what you have to offer. The best way to get people fully engaged is by getting them to physically engage with you, this includes their attendance at your opening event. It’ll be something for them to look forward to, so you’ve already had a positive impact on your audience before they’ve even properly associated with your business.

When it comes to getting media attention, an opening event can be worth its weight in gold. Acting as a real talking point, the chances of it getting the attention of the press is instantly higher, not to mention the fact that you’ll have a singular event that you can then invite them to, getting them to engage with your business which could potentially lead to more coverage following the event. It will be an excellent stepping stone in building all-important relationships with regional and even national media outlets.

When you think that other forms of advertising can be incredibly expensive, having the media on your side will be invaluable.

Treat your customers well at the opening event, ensure that they leave with a positive glow and just think how enthusiastic they’ll be to return. It’s potentially a surefire way to give your business an immediate boost of customers.

Although an opening event will take some time to plan and execute, should it be done right, the consequences will be more beneficial then you could ever imagine.

Vaal & Vaal will be hosting a grand opening event for their new private members club on the 27th April. 

Join them for an evening of music and celebration, as for one night only they open their doors to the general public. Be amongst the first to experience their unique environment, try their bespoke cocktails, and get a taste of the exclusive Vaal & Vaal Members’ Club experience.

Apply for membership at